Orchids come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. They have a variety of meanings and connotations depending on where they are grown, what their shape is, which flowers accompany them (if any), and when they bloom.
In this article you will learn more about the symbolism and cultural significance of orchids.

Origin of the Name Orchid

Origin of the Name Orchid

There is no definitive answer to where the word "orchid" originated from. Some believe it is a combination of two ancient words: ornament and corsage.

It does not matter what the etymology is, what is important is interpreting the significance of orchids.

Let us dive in...


Color Symbolism

Orchids mean rebirth, respect, love, passion, desire, strength, hope, purity, pride, peace, and new beginnings too. When you buy orchids, it is worth considering what their color means. Let us see:

  • Pink Orchids: Pink orchids mean love and admiration. This is a wonderful flower to send as a gift because it symbolizes your feelings for someone.
  • Red Orchids: The color of red orchids means passion, desire, and love. This type of orchid might be the perfect one if you want to let somebody know how much they mean to you. It also tells them that their attention and affections are wanted by you.
  • Orange Orchids: In shades of orange, they represent strength, pride, and boldness. 
  • Green Orchids: Green orchids show peace, hope and love because they symbolize renewal. If you're looking for an optimistic gift, then this is the one to give!
  • Purple Orchids: The color of purple orchids means respect, admiration, and devotion. It is a very affectionate flower to give somebody.
  • Yellow Orchids:The meaning of yellow orchids is happiness. So, if you want to put a smile on someone's face, then this may be the perfect flower for them!
  • Blue diamond Orchids: Blue diamond orchids symbolize luxury and rarity. Then, it is the perfect flower to give someone who deserves something special.
  • White Orchids: White orchids take on significant meanings largely based on the most assigned characteristic associated with white. These are: innocence, purity, chastity, and simplicity.


The historical and cultural meaning of orchids

The historical and cultural meaning of orchids

Orchids have long fascinated humankind with their beauty and mystique. So, let's take a look at how different cultures around the world associate orchids with various meanings:
This Mexican culture believed that these flowers are a symbol of love.
The Chinese have historically used orchids in many ways, including as remedies for various diseases and ailments. They also thought they brought good luck to those who received them.
The Egyptians believed that these flowers were the embodiment of death personified. Therefore they used them.
Greek and Romans
Orchids are closely related to weddings in the minds of both Greeks and Romans, so they use them as a symbol for love.
The Japanese see these flowers as symbols fertility, longevity, prosperity and good fortune. They also believed that "for every thousand orchid petals, one can expect to enjoy a life of prosperity."
Persian culture
As with the Greeks and Romans, the Persians believe that orchids are a symbol of love.
The Mayans
This flower is closely related to death for the Mayan culture, as it was often associated with blood sacrifices. However, this did not stop them from using these flowers in their rituals to celebrate life.


FAQs about Orchids

FAQs about Orchids

Are orchids good luck?

Yes, these flowers are seen as symbols for fertility and longevity so it is not uncommon to give them to someone who might be expecting a child soon or celebrating their birthday.


Are orchids good to give on Valentine's Day?

It is a popular gift choice because of the symbolism that people associate with it. It also represents love and beauty which make it perfect for this time of year!


Why are orchids so special?

Many people see these flowers as a symbol of hope and joy. There are many different types, colors, and shapes so it is very easy to find one that matches the personality or interests of whomever you may be purchasing them for!


Do orchids need sunlight?

As any other type of flower, they do need sunlight, so it is important to make sure that the orchid you purchase needs about four hours of indirect light.


Are orchids good Feng Shui?

Yes, these flowers are very good feng shui! They are associated with spring and they will bring prosperity to your home by bringing in energy which is opposite of winter's dark chi.


Orchids facts

- There are over 20,000 different types of orchids.

- The orchid is traditionally given for a couple’s 14th and 25th wedding anniversary.

- Orchids have evolved in every continent except for Antarctica.

- Colombia's national flower is orchid.


What are the uses of orchids?

Most of the world’s best-selling perfumes have sweet floral notes that come from orchids. It is also used to make aromatherapy oils common for treating anxiety and depression.

It is used in traditional Chinese medicine to help with digestion and as a sedative and to treat other illnesses.


In conclusion

Orchids are beautiful flowers that have been around for centuries. Symbolically they represent wealth, love and happiness because of their rarity in nature. So, they can be a perfect gift for just about any occasion.

To make the house look more like a home, we recommend getting an orchid plant for your living room. This way you can enjoy its beauty while also having it provide some good feng shui in your space!

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