The Symbolism of Flower Colors — What Do They Mean?

While gifting flowers always has significance, did you know that there is an added layer of meaning in the color of flowers? In general, certain varieties of flowers, as well as certain colors of flowers, are given for specific occasions. If you’re unsure of which flowers to give, make sure to keep reading this helpful guide! We’re going to explain the symbolic meaning behind the most common colors of flowers. Hopefully this will help simplify the process of picking floral arrangements and bouquets!

Meaning of White Flowers

Historically, white flowers represent purity and honesty. With similar meaning to a white wedding dress, they’re commonly seen in bridal bouquets — especially white roses. White flowers also represent sympathy, which makes them an excellent choice to send for memorial services. In fact, browsing our arrangements by “Sympathy” will show you many beautiful white displays. If you’re looking for a white floral variety to send to someone who has lost a loved one, we recommend carnations, lilies, or the classic white roses.

Meaning of Red Flowers

Red flowers are most commonly associated with romantic love, passion, and desire. This is why a bouquet of red roses is a popular gift for spouses and romantic partners. Other red flowers that are sure to be a hit with the one you love — alstroemeria and gerberas! Many of our “Valentine’s Day” and “Romance” collection arrangements and bouquets have gorgeous red floral options.

Meaning of Pink Flowers

Generally, pink flowers are more representative of friendship and platonic love. They also represent happiness, gentleness or grace. That makes them great celebratory flowers for loved ones. Many common flowers come in shades of pink, but a few of our favorites include chrysanthemums, daisies, and of course, pink roses!

Meaning of Yellow Flowers

This happy hue also represents friendship, but yellow flowers also represent joy and happiness. Yellow flowers are often sent for health, as well. This means yellow floral arrangements are perfect for “get well soon” wishes, as well as congratulations and birthdays. Some of the best varieties that exude positivity and cheerfulness are sunflowers and daisies. Plus, we love that this Art & Flowers arrangement comes with a coordinating sunny yellow artisan container.

Meaning of Purple Flowers

Purple is a traditionally regal hue, historically meant to symbolize prosperity and royalty. Nowadays, you’ll see purple flowers being given as a symbol of success and admiration. They’re the perfect color for a floral arrangement to give to a respected mentor. Plus, naturally occurring flowers that are truly purple are rare, which makes them even more special. A few of our favorite purple varieties that we feature in bouquets and arrangements are aster, phlox, and poms.

We hope that you found this guide helpful for choosing the perfect floral arrangement. No matter the color, you have lots of beautiful ways to show your loved ones that you care.